5V 20A Battery Charge and Discharge Tester
5V 20A Battery Charge and Discharge Tester

5V 20A Battery Charge and Discharge Tester

5V 20A Battery Charge and Discharge Tester is mainly used for circle life testing and quality control of li-ion battery, lead-acid battery, Ni-Cd battery, NiMH battery and so on in production line or in lab.
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5V 20A Battery Charge and Discharge Tester

Application and Function

Battery Charge and Discharge Tester support battery circle life testing, capacity testing, charging characteristic testing, discharging characteristic testing, charge retention capability testing, charge and discharge efficiency testing, over charge or over discharge rate affordability testing.

Working Environment and Technical Parameters

  • Stand alone power supply: AC 220V±10%, frequency: 50HZ±5%.
  • Power supply of the whole cabinet: AC 380V±10%, frequency: 50HZ±5%. 
  • Maximum input power of the whole cabinet: 22.9 kW (160CH)
  • Working temperature: 0℃ - 45℃.
  • Humidity: less than ≤ 85%R.H (non-condensing).
  • No severe shake, no corrosive gases, no flammable or explosive gases around.
  • Resolution: AD 16 bit.


1 Main channels 16CH/ module
2 Channel working mode Completely independent
3 Main channel working mode Charge: CC, CV, CCCV, no voltage or current impact when CC transfer to CV.
Discharge: CD, CP, CR, DCCV
Main channel test cutoff condition Time, total voltage, total current, capacity, -ΔV, Vcell, RSOC, etc.
4 Main channel Voltage Single channel test range 0V-5V
Min. discharge voltage 0.8V
Accuracy ±0.05%FS
Resolution 0.1mV
Main channel Current Single channel test range ±20A
Min. output current 30mA
Accuracy ±0.05%FS
Resolution 1mA
Current start response time 10ms(10%FS~90%FS)
Time Resolution 10mS
Auxiliary temperature (Optional) Range 20~100
Accuracy ±1(0~70
Resolution 0.1
Power Output power Single channel continuous working power100W
Stability ±0.1%FS
5 Communication LAN
6 Control program Support data protection when power off, continue testing caused of power cutoff or manually stop and revise step parameter online.
Users can set protection condition, include minimum voltage, maximum voltage, minimum current, maximum current, etc.
Users can set auxiliary channel protection condition, including minimum voltage, maximum voltage, maximum temperature, minimum temperature.
Cycle time Max. 9999
Programmable step Max. 9999
Nested loop Max. 10 layers
Step time range Support h, min, s
Data record Time≥20ms,Voltage≥0.05%FS,Current ≥0.05%FS
Program feature Each step has one or multiple exit
7 Data display Cycle list Circulation number. Charge/discharge capacity, efficiency, power and average voltage, etc.
Process list Process number, working mode, process time, capacity, power, medium voltage, cut-off voltage, cut-off current, etc.
Detail list Record number, system time, cumulative time, voltage, current, energy, power, cell temperature, etc.
8 Data export Data can be exported as EXCEL, TXT or diagram. Provide charge discharge efficiency, charge discharge curve, voltage, capacity, current-time characteristic curves, etc.
9 Data saving Save as files
10 Curves type X-coordinate: total time, charge discharge capacity, cycle time, voltage, current, capacity
Y-coordinate: total voltage, current, capacity, power, cell temperature(Optional), end of charge and discharge capacity, etc
11 Software protection Power off data protection, power resume continue testing, OVP, ODP, OCP, UCP, OTP, capacity protection, abnormal voltage trend protection, abnormal current trend protection, abnormal current fluctuation protection, abnormal voltage fluctuation protection, abnormal charging voltage increase rate protection, abnormal discharge current decrease rate protection
Hardware protection Power off, open circuit and short circuit protection. Reverse or wrong connection protection, OCP, OVP, OTP, fixture contact abnormal protection.
Warning function Switch off automatically under emergency, shutdown when power off, load connect and disconnect automatically.
12 Barcode scan Support barcode start and binding test data, classify batteries rapidly and accurately. Support detailed battery database management functions, connect battery information with testing data base, which is easy for management of data base system.
13 Sampling terminals Four-polar sampling. Copper nose or other fixture.
14 Energy consumption Discharge power feedback to grid
15 Cooling method Forced Fan-cooled
Noise Less than 70dB
IP grade IP20
16 Repair Modularized structure. Can be replaced or repair with spare parts.

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