ECTOINE 96702-03-3

99% up, Cosmetic Grade, Food Grade
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White crystalline powder

Molecular Weight

142.2 g/mol

Quality Standard

99% up, Cosmetic Grade, Food Grade

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Main effects of Ectoine:
1.Ectoine is able to efficiently repair various damages to skin tissue, remove acne, acne, small defects after sputum removal, skin burns after peeling, redness and acidity after skin rejuvenation, skin damage repair after grinding It has outstanding effects, which can improve the skin's thin, rough, scar and other undesirable conditions, so that the skin will be smooth and smooth.

According to reports, ectoine can effectively improve the immune protection of skin cells, increase the ability of cell repair, and make the skin effective against the invasion of microorganisms and allergens. Experiments show that ectoine can protect against UV damage to the skin and repair DNA damage caused by UV rays. Because it can alleviate the various stresses on the skin: UV damage, skin aging caused by dry environment, skin deterioration caused by surfactants, etc., ectoine has attracted much attention as a cell repair additive, and is added to the purpose of combating skin aging. In cosmetics.

The full name of rhEGF is a recombinant human epidermal growth factor. It is suitable for any skin use, especially acne muscles and sensitive muscles. It has obvious effects after use. It also has a good repair effect on hormone dermatitis. Even pregnant women can use it with confidence.

2.Ectoine is able to eliminate wrinkles to promote the metabolism, proliferation and growth of fibroblasts, epidermal cells, promote the development of elastic fiber cells and enhance their functions, activate the regeneration of aging cells, accelerate the metabolism and renewal of cells, rapidly metabolize aging keratin, repair shallow fractures Epidermal fibroblasts, thereby eliminating wrinkles.

3.Ectoine is able to anti-aging, which can promote cell proliferation, differentiation, so that mature cells reverse differentiation to form a "stem cell island", while curbing the expression of aging genes, fundamentally change the composition of skin cells, reduce the average age of skin cells, make the skin smooth and beautiful.

4.Ectoine can lighten the pigmentation on darker skin and various skin pigmentation, accelerate cell proliferation, promote the distribution of subcutaneous capillary network, promote blood circulation, accelerate the discharge of melanin, effectively reduce the deposition of melanin, play a role in whitening and blemishes .

5.Ectoine can moisturizing hydration, improve skin microcirculation, promote hyaluronic acid synthesis and secretion. Ectoine also can promote the synthesis and secretion of extracellular hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein and other macromolecules, enhance the hydrophilicity of the skin, and maintain the moisture inside the skin.

Ectoine ensures that high halophytic bacteria do not dehydrate and die in high salt environments. An important substance that maintains the balance of osmotic pressure, its unique molecular structure makes it have a strong ability to complex water molecules. One molecule of ectoine can complex four or five water molecules to structure free water in cells. . During the application, ectoine can continuously improve the skin's moisturizing ability, and the water holding capacity of the skin will not decrease immediately after the withdrawal. The water holding capacity of the skin after one week of deactivation is still higher than that of the control group. It is a very good moisturizer.

Method of use: After opening the bottle of rhEGF lyophilized powder and solvent, the solvent liquid is poured into the lyophilized powder. Remove the spray tube and snap it into the lyophilized powder bottle mouth after dissolution. Spray after cleansing and use twice a day.

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